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Crucial Accountability helps employees understand to – Use Motivation, Not Power. Before you get the book resources, it is important that you refine and practice your skills using this efficient training module. Learn the skills to improve your Accountability. It is a research-based training program that teaches the participants step-by-step processes and skills to hold others accountable, enhance their performance and productivity, and ensure impeccable execution. The training is imparted in various delivery modalities, like a live classroom and live online. You can choose a format that’s most convenient for your employees and let them gain maximum benefit from this corporate training.

Crucial Accountability Book

Whenever coworkers assure you of something or make promises, do you feel relieved or become tense? Are you someone who makes plans, sets goals, gives assignments, and then hopes that people will follow the rules and deliver their best?

If you live in a ‘maybe culture,’ where conformity, predictability, and Accountability are low, and your tension and blood pressure levels are high, then it is time to make some urgent changes. Using a cohesive training program, you need to get things on track and experience real results.

Unlock Your free Crucial Accountability Resources

There is a special introductory offer for book readers – the following free resources are used in this training program. Get the benefits at NO COST. Just simply fill out the form on the page, and you’ll get – 

  • Access to the video vault 
  • Authors’ discussion questions 
  • Listen to audio lessons by the author. 
  • Access the ‘What Would You Do’ section online. 
  • Cue yourself with the Crucial Accountability model. 

How Does It Benefit?

• Strengthens Accountability: Participants learn how to talk about violated expectations that lead to two-way Accountability. When done in an effective manner, conflicts can be avoided, and progress can be made on the situation.

• Accelerates Problem-Solving: Problem-solving and conflict resolution are two important aspects that employees need to hold on to. With the Crucial Accountability training program, there is a consistent application of skills, leading to faster problem-solving and decision-making.

• Improves Relations and Productivity: It is a known fact that when issues and conflicts are resolved, and you get the focus clear, productivity is automatically increased. It also helps in strengthening relationships and forming high-performance work cultures. 

This corporate training is greatly helpful, and it showed management how to overcome conflicts and also what’s the best way to recognize that holding others accountable is healthy. 

A Life-Changing Training Module

Performance Management is a highly targeted and beneficial training program. It helps people by helping the companies they work for reap fruitful results, including – increased productivity, fewer grievances, reduced turnover, and high employee satisfaction and engagement.

The training is great for organizations of different categories. Be it an FMCG company, a digital media agency, or a healthcare organization, your employees will definitely gain a lot of knowledge and experience from this training. It increases efficiency and also improves teamwork and relationships.

Acceptable Training is Delivered in 2 Ways

The best part about this module is that it is available in 2 delivery formats to address the varying needs of your organization. 

  1. Live Classroom Sessions: In these sessions, we bring in a trainer to teach crucial accountability skills in person to your employees.

  2. Live Online Virtual Instructor: Led Sessions: Your team joins the trainer in a well-facilitated virtual training classroom and then can learn the basics of crucial accountability training from the comfort of their home or office.