Contrary to some mystical notions, leadership is a deliberate and systematic process of exerting influence with a specific purpose: to drive meaningful outcomes. It involves orchestrating human behaviour towards valued objectives. When it comes down to it, if behaviour isn’t evolving, then you aren’t truly leading.

A Book Named “Influencer,” Addressed Two Fundamental Questions:

  1. Why do people behave the way they do?

  2. How can we empower them to change?


The most pressing challenges we face as leaders, family members, citizens, and individuals often revolve around influence—problems that persist until someone, or a group of individuals, alters their behavior. “Influencer,” equips everyone with the tools to achieve what seemed possible only for a select few: the ability to drive rapid, profound, and enduring behavioral change to attain significant outcomes.

The Book was the Culmination of Three Endeavors:

  1. Decades of research into the foremost social science theories.

  2. Extensive travel to study the work of those who achieved remarkable behavioral shifts on a large scale—a feat many deemed unattainable.

  3. Thirty years of applying these insights to corporate settings.


The results since the release of “Influencer” have been deeply gratifying. Hundreds of thousands of readers have achieved precisely what we had hoped for. 

Here are Some Examples:-

  • A PricewaterhouseCoopers executive improved the retention and promotion of underrepresented groups in senior positions.

  • The CEO of telecom giant MTN Group fostered innovation across a workforce spanning Africa and the Middle East.

  • Leaders at Fundación Paraguay helped thousands increase their household income.

  • VPs of HR and Learning at HCA Healthcare enhanced nursing retention during high turnover periods.

  • Newmont Mining site managers saved lives by bolstering safety compliance.

  • Leaders at KIPP schools extended principal retention from 2.3 years to 4.7 years.

You might wonder, “After sixteen years and countless experiences like these, have you learned more about the vital subject of influence?” We are delighted you asked because we have indeed learned and grown.

The release of an extensively updated version of this pivotal book, titled “Crucial Influence: Leadership Skills to Create Lasting Behaviour Change.”

Sixteen additional years of experience and insights have allowed us to make “Crucial Influence” a superior successor to the original work. 

Here’s What Sets the New Edition Apart:

  1. Streamlined: Over the years, we’ve honed our ability to communicate the most potent ideas effectively and efficiently. As Kerry Patterson once said, “A three-hour speech is what you give when you lack the skill to give a one-hour speech.”

  2. More practical: While previous editions focused on large-scale efforts, this edition includes tactics for addressing day-to-day challenges. We aim for every page to offer fresh ideas for resolving immediate influence dilemmas.

  3. For leaders at all levels: “Crucial Influence” is designed to cater to leaders at every level, from frontline supervisors striving to engage and retain employees to executives seeking to transform their organisations.

  4. New stories: We’ve curated captivating and inspiring examples of influence in action to illustrate key concepts.

Our ultimate aspiration is to contribute to a better world by helping people worldwide think more effectively about the essence of leadership. By increasing their capacity to drive swift, profound, and sustainable behavioural change, we hope millions will be better equipped to make the world a better place.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the thousands who have allowed us to learn alongside them. We earnestly hope that this new edition does justice to their remarkable contributions.

Joseph Grenny


“If I haven’t challenged you, I haven’t helped you.”

Joseph Grenny is a New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and leading social scientist for business performance. His work has been translated into twenty-eight languages, is available in thirty-six countries, and has generated results for more than half of the Forbes Global 2000. Invite Joseph to speak at your next event.