Good behavioral skills help better understand an organization’s roles, responsibilities, and team culture. Further, it leads to effective communication, increased productivity and performance, problem-solving, empathy, and other crucial skills.

The importance of a skills development program is to address skill gaps and resolve them before they affect overall productivity and performance. Workplace behavior training helps in upskilling your employees in non-technical skills for effective interpersonal communication and teamwork. It provides employees an opportunity to learn and improve their behavioral skills.

Virtual Learning Platform played a significant role in the time of COVID-19 and proved the relevance of the old saying that “Learning must go on” in the current business scenario. I was part of the virtual experiential learning program King Kahufu. This is a virtual program specially designed for sales associates. It is a theme-based program that is related to the discovery of a new pyramid. The learning outcomes of these programs are improved intra-team collaboration, enhanced levels of critical & creative thinking, focus on achieving individual goals to reach the organizational goals, and individual contribution to achieving corporate goals.

The benefits of this program are moving from “I to Us thinking.” It focuses on achieving team goals and ensuring that each team member wins. It nurtures the concept of “we thinking” to improve communication and bring transformation in behaviors. You might find people in a group who are very quiet, docile, or introverted and realize people are coming out of those parameters and showing themselves self-upfront in each round.

We did the virtual program for the company Swagelok for their sales team.

Participants from different cities were part of this program and belonged to the same department. We divided the team and gave them a certain amount of budget. They need to invest that money and bring profit out of it. Many things are happening, and each has to decide what they want as individuals and as a team.

The interesting part was they all were working virtually where they hadn’t seen each other. In inspite of working for the same company and believing in the same mission, vision, and values, they had very limited interaction.

Eagle’s Flight gave them a platform where they understood people with whom they collaborated through emails and phone calls.

The interaction of the team members in the first place was quite formal. They were put together under a simulation where they shared their views on their past experiences. Here, participants open up with each other, establish mutual trust, and form better team collaboration during the entire process of this virtual team-building activity.

In each round, they were moving toward their goals with a win-win mindset and understood the importance of sharing information. Communication, trust-building, and commitment toward the goal are visible as they are participating and enjoying what they are doing in their workplace and realizing their corporate gaps.

Our facilitator did the debriefing, which was so powerful that it helped their ideas to move forward after learning from the mistakes.

This is the best program, with a powerful debrief session to inform participants about the issues and goals to be achieved. To know more about the program, become a part of it and experience it yourself, as it is all about experiential learning.