The word psychometric basically refers to the measurement of the mind or intellect. In contrast with factors such as education, skills, experience, appearance, and punctuality, the conduct and personality of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during an interview. Employers, these days, use psychometric tests during their recruitment process to help attain an efficient overall evaluation of a candidate in the hope of securing the appropriate fit for the role.

Know Psychometric Assessments Meaning​

Psychometric tests are a common and scientific method employed by organizations to assess the mental capability of a candidate and their behavioral style. Psychometric assessments aim to evaluate individuals’ suitability for a role based on the much-needed cognitive abilities and personality traits. Psychometric tests determine the magnitude to which an individual’s aptitude and personality traits match those needed in order to execute the given role. Usually, these tests are done online. Employers resort to the data collected from an online psychometric assessment to identify the participants’ underlying characteristics that cannot be extricated by a face-to-face interview. In any organization regardless of its size, psychometric testing could help ascertain the future performance of a candidate and hopefully will lead to an improvement in employee retention by making more effective employment decisions.

Top 4 benefits of undertaking Psychometric Assessments

  1. Understanding of Skills and Competencies: Psychometric assessments provide employers with an in-depth understanding of a candidate’s personality skills which will normally be ascertained from a 30 minutes interview. The employer can then gauge whether the candidate’s personality type will fit in smoothly with the team he/she will be potentially joining.

    Psychometric testing also helps employers identify high-performing candidates and is fairer on candidates who may have an unstructured interview, thereby limiting them the opportunity to sell their skills and competencies in a structured interview. In some cases, poor-performing interviewees can prove to be very effective employees when they are placed without the pressure and complexity of the negotiating environment.


  2. Psychometric assessments can protect and enhance the culture of your workplace: Employment is not just about hiring any candidate who has demonstrated the skills required to do the job. Instead, this is obviously an essential requirement. However, a recruiter also needs to know how well the candidate will fit into the team and how they will adjust and operate within the working environment/culture of your company.

    Someone who’d rather work alone in a quiet atmosphere, for example, will not feel satisfied or work to the best of their abilities if your company thrives in a fast-paced and highly dependent environment. Undergoing psychometric assessments can help do this both with the personality test since you will get an idea of how that person works and what motivates them.


  3. Cost-Effective: Psychometric tests are cost-efficient and easier to implement. Something that might take a few months for an organization to understand about a person, a reliable psychometric test can provide that information within hours. Psychometric tests reduce or decrease your chances of poor employment, hence resulting in providing a good ROI. While a well-qualified candidate is an asset to an organization, a bad hire may indicate high costs to the organization and affect the productivity and behavior of other employees.


  4. Predictive Insights about the Candidates: One of the benefits of psychometric testing is its ability to express beyond what is mentioned on a candidate’s CV. Psychometric tests provide an effective way to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a potential employee. Psychometric assessments also help recruiters chart a career trajectory for candidates within the company to find the right deployment strategy. If a candidate is shy or introverted but has the necessary qualifications required for the job opening, these tests can offer a platform for them for recognition. On the other hand, employers will not be tricked by overconfident candidates who would only respond with answers that their interviewers wish to hear.

    Psychometric assessments help in obtaining a holistic view of an individual. Everything DiSC Personality Test is one such assessment that enables the participant to get an overall view of their cognitive abilities and provide actionable strategies to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. So, what are you waiting for? Get your psychometric assessment done now and explore the unexplored!