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The secret of success is that there is no secret. All you need is to have a mentor to be Successful!”
Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. According to Merriam Webster, a ‘Mentor’ is a trusted counselor or guide, and a ‘Mentee’ is the one who is being mentored, and the trust, respect, and connection between the two give rise to the mentor-mentee relationship.

Today’s youth is too confused to make the right decision in their life. They are lost. They don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to listen to. They have the talent but don’t know how to use it or are unaware of it. That’s why they need a mentor who will shape their thoughts, guide them in the right direction, and help them to succeed.

Mahabharat is a book that teaches great lessons in life. Today, we are focusing our light on the mentor and mentee relationship that we can learn from Arjun and Guru Dronacharya. Dronacharya and Arjun shared a special bond as teacher and pupil, or you can say guru and shisha.
From the very first test, he saw immense determination and focus in Arjun and knew that one day, he would become a great warrior. Arjun, in turn, liked all the challenges his guru used to put him through during the training, but he was never satisfied by the teachings of his guru. He was always eager to know more. That’s what impressed Guru Dronacharya the most.

He outshined everybody in all the tests and built immense focus and concentration, especially in archery, that he became one of the best archers at that time. Seeing such immense talent in Arjun, Guru Dronacharya harbored him with the special wisdom of the Devastras and the mystical bow of Brahma. Because of Arjun’s exceptional talent, he held a special place in the heart of his guru. Guru Dronacharya loved Arjun like his own son.

Just like Arjun, acquire all the expertise and knowledge from your guru or mentor. Seize every opportunity to ask and know more. Never hesitate to seek knowledge from your mentor because of the difference in age and talent. Have faith in your mentor and his teachings, and stay loyal to them. Many obstacles might come your way to challenge you or to make you vulnerable. Just remember one thing: that your mentor will always have your back.

So the learnings that we get from them are:

1. Committed to each other: Mentor and mentee should be loyal to each other. A mentor should give honest advice to his mentee, and a mentee should follow that advice sincerely without having doubts about his teachings and present his point of view honestly.

2. Build a relationship of trust: The mentor should have trust in his mentee’s strengths and weaknesses, and a mentee should have total devotion towards his mentor.

3. Establish a clear goal and define responsibilities: The mentee must convey a clear goal to his mentor that he wishes to achieve with his help. In turn, the mentor should state the pros and cons of his goals and then define roles and responsibilities to help him achieve that goal.

4. Collaborate to achieve the result: To achieve the goal, the mentor and mentee should be on the same page and should work collaboratively towards the goal. They should have a vivid discussion of their roles and responsibilities and make an action plan according to that.

Just like Dronacharya, Arjun had another guru, who was Krishna. Krishna was Arjun’s cousin, best friend, mentor, and charioteer in war.

Krishna was a great mentor. Before the beginning of the Mahabharat, Yudh Arjun was plagued by doubts and confusion. That was the time when Krishna recited the Divine Bhagwat Geeta to teach him the correct perspective towards duties and values.

In everybody’s life, there is always a Dronacharya or Krishna who shapes their thoughts and directs them in the right direction. In my life, my Dronacharya is my father, who always had faith in me, given me great values and life lessons, corrected me when I was wrong, and guided me on the right path.

In the corporate world, too, a mentor-mentee relationship is necessary. With the help of a leadership coaching program, a good mentor can identify their employees ’ talent can, nurture their growth, and help them to be successful. In the same way, an employee should trust their mentor and follow their advice while clearing their doubt up to full satisfaction and sharing their perspective too.