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Definition of Employee Motivation

Characteristics of Employee Motivation

Objectives of Employee Motivation Training

5 Motivational Factors every Employee looks for in a Workplace

Definition of Employee Motivation

Employees are motivated by the opportunity to make as much money as possible and to take their careers to new heights. For employees, doing the right thing at the right time is the basis of employee motivation. To motivate employees to do their best and work collectively for the accomplishment of organizational goals, managers must determine the motives or needs of employees and provide a conducive environment in which appropriate incentives are available for their satisfaction.

If the management is successful in doing so, employees will feel more valued and put in extra effort to keep up the legacy of the organization. This will automatically increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization, and there will be better utilization of resources and employees’ abilities.

Motivation has a direct effect on outcomes. If your workforce is engaged, happy, and motivated, they will automatically be more productive and bring out fruitful results. It is true that your business relies heavily on efficiency.

Your employees are your most valued asset, and no matter how efficient technology is, their loyalty is unmatched. Motivation involves getting the members of the group or team to pull weight effectively, give their loyalty to the group, and carry out the purpose of the organization.

Characteristics of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is something that a lot of organizations are focusing on at the current time. It is built over a period of time and with dedicated efforts. There are 4 basic characteristics of employee motivation, and these include:

1. Effort

This means the strength of a person’s work-related behavior.

2. Persistence

the persistence that an individual shows in applying the efforts to their work.

3. Direction

the quality of a person’s work-related behavior.

4. Goals

This refers to the ends towards which employees direct their efforts.

Objectives of Employee Motivation Training

The main objectives of motivation include –

  1. The purpose of motivation is to create feasible conditions in which people are willing to work with enthusiasm, zeal, interest, high personal and group moral satisfaction, and a sense of responsibility.
  2. To be more loyal to the company.
  3. For improved discipline, pride, and confidence in a cohesive manner so that you can align your goals with the goals of the organization.
  4. Using motivation techniques and utilizing them to stimulate employee growth.
  5. Performance results from the interaction of financial, physical, and human resources.

5 Motivational Factors every Employee Looks for in a Workplace

If these 5 factors are present in a workplace, they can make employees feel more valued and satisfied.

  1. Respect is the right of every employee. If they feel they are treated with respect, they’ll go the distance and prove their loyalty at every step.

  2. Employees want to feel that they are a part and not just a crowd. This means they know that they have access to information.

  3. Employees want to learn new skills, polish existing ones, develop their abilities, and grow their knowledge. If the organization supports them in it, it is taken in a positive sense.

  4. Employees want to be a part of the decision-making process, and this can be done with employee involvement and employee empowerment.

  5. Employees want leadership. They want a sense of being on the right track and being a part of something bigger.