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The development of the global economy has shown that the business sector has become increasingly competitive, and more and more changes are taking place. The sector’s complexity has forced people to change their behaviors and take up ways to increase their skills and capabilities to suit the expectations and demands of the economy. It is challenging to meet all the business needs and the demands of the employees through only autonomous work. Researchers have shown that self-leadership, which is accentuated by self-determination theory, is one of the best ways to increase our employability and also manage our stress levels so that we can allow ourselves to enjoy our work life and balance our personal life at the same time.

Self-determination with Self-leadership

Job crafting is a process by which individuals self-motivate themselves and change their behaviors to understand and redefine their jobs. This has become an important topic that many researchers and managers of the industry have taken up. It involves self leadership as a part of the changing behavior process so that job crafting can occur. Job crafting at various levels in the organization is beneficial for the company as well as the individual. It increases job engagement, satisfaction, and well-being and also provides a meaning to do the work that they are doing. As shown by many researchers, increased organizational commitment is essential to increase productivity and competitive advantage. Therefore, without self-leadership and determination, employees cannot take up job crafting.

According to researchers, job crafting is based on the self-determination theory model. It is about satisfying our basic psychological needs by understanding how to gain autonomy and how to increase our competence which may enable us to take up training activities and also to increase connections which will increase our motivations and also change our behaviors to be more proactive.

Self Leadership and How to Achieve This

Having the ability to get self leadership training so that one learns about job crafting can have many benefits.

With proper training, employees could gain from job crafting, which has increased organizational goals and changed the environment to be more positive and supportive.

Most employees who have taken up leadership training have also been able to focus on individual problems and job characteristics to understand their behavior and the styles they can take up to reach their goals.

Many research studies have shown that leaders are the main factors that can modify and empower their employees to take up job crafting. The process inspires employees to take up leadership styles such as transformational and servant leadership.

The moral of the story is that leadership is crucial to empower your employees so that they can understand their behaviors and also make strategies so that they can change their roles in their workplace. It is all about having the proper guidance and self-motivation to increase cognitive strategy. However, we also need to acknowledge that for all this to occur, the environment in the company; should also be conducive to work. External environmental factors influence any method of self-determination. Employee motivation depends on how well the company treats them, and a leader who is empowered can change the behavior of others whenever possible. Therefore, regular training and virtual learning environments can increase and empower your leaders and foster a supportive environment.


Self-leadership is a crucial determinant for rising in the corporate sector. You need first to change your personality and behavior that will suit the changing expectations in the business sector. Due to increasing uncertainties, you must know how to adapt to the changes and are always one step ahead of everyone.