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Do you know that in a discussion, you should spend 80% of your time listening and 20% of your time talking?

Well, I didn’t know. Until then, I attended the session on effective communication by Eagle’s Flight.

But why is effective communication important?

Let me tell you. That’s because knowing what the other person is saying and then delivering your message is the key to good communication.

Communication, in a larger sense, refers to all human relationships. Communication, however, does not relate to aimless talking, chatting, or blabbering in management parlance. Communication isn’t always as simple as it appears. It’s a structure with a specific objective in mind that a piece of communication is attempting to achieve.

How did the Need to Learn Effective Communication Arise?

I used to believe that I was knowledgeable in the aspect of experiential learning, but now I feel I was wrong.

After attending the tremendous workshop on Eagle Flight’s Program “Promises, Promises!”, I can conclude that going to the amusement park and physically experiencing the thrill is far better than just reading from the books about the rides or just watching videos.

Promises, Promises! Certainly became an experience that has created an everlasting memory within me. The conference room was packed with enthusiasm. Each individual was very much engaged in the simulation.

How were the Teams Divided in "Promises, Promises!"


• Least gathering size of 20

• Groups of 2-5 members

• 3-4 hours for every meeting of group building exercises

• Appropriate for cross-useful and flawless groups at all levels

• Ideal for use in both meeting and preparing settings

How Did Eagle's Flight Program Help Me?

The theme of “Promises, Promises!” is all about the United League of Nations, where ten teams are selected as representative politicians for ten different countries. It feels astonishing when you are accountable for the whole country, and you need to make sure you have enough Food, Environment, and Wealth to accomplish the goals by the end of the year. The most intriguing area of the simulation was “Scandals.” Yes! Every team had scandals with them to throw on rival countries. Simultaneously, we had to be prepared to suffer a scandal ourselves. This part of the simulation had already started relating to our personal and professional lives, along with giving solutions to the problems.

Does "Promises, Promises!" Program Give Certainty of Results?

Eventually, before commencing the debrief by the facilitator (who also played the role of Chief General of the United League of Nations), we were informed of the importance of Effective Communication, Inter-departmental relations, team unity, and so on by the results of the simulation. The increase in employee engagement was commendable. Many employees who were scared to speak up or put forth their viewpoints broke all the shackles of insecurities and cherished the time of their lives. The fun and the learning, when combined, give the inevitable results that we can only dream of.


The debriefing session was so remarkable. It worked like icing on the cake. It introduced me to the win-win approach, and some of the events shared by the facilitator have enlightened the spark of dedication among all the participants. Experiential Learning Programs are process of learning through experience, and my experience of experiential learning is something that cannot be expressed in words. But trust me when I say this: I am implementing all my learnings from the “Promises, Promises!” into my routine operations by creating an actionable plan and getting desirable outcomes as well.