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The pandemic, recession, and other uncertainties have made it clear that we must be ready for any change and adapt quickly. 2022 has been a year of uncertainties and preparations for the future. According to recent findings by McKenzie & Co., an organization that is resilient and has an effective team can rebuild itself and make a footing in the already hostile environments of the business world. Teams are the backbone of any organization, and team building is necessary to increase productivity and professionalism in the workplace.

Explaining Team Building Techniques

Teams that are united and have resilience as an essential skill can bounce back in any situation. These teams can do better when there is high competition and high stress levels. They learn how to adapt to the changing environment and can balance their responsibilities according to urgency. Organizations have developed new techniques to build teams known as “that’s great.” It is an effective way to empower individuals and give them a voice to make their own decisions. Imagine if you had ideas you wanted to share, but your manager kept on sidelining you and not giving you a chance. You would feel unappreciated and underconfident. It is something that needs to be avoided by leaders. According to Forbes, the “that’s great” team-building technique has won over many critics and worked in various industries. The technique mainly asks the employee to act as the CEO of a company of their choosing. Divide your employees into groups and make one person the CEO while the others follow. Give them three issues that they need to solve as a team. Once the person is the boss, they will reply ‘that’s great’ to every issue, give it a positive turn, and not treat it as a negative occurrence. It builds a resilient mindset and forces them to develop a can-do mindset. Team building is about treating a crisis as an opportunity and having the skills to demonstrate solutions.

Popular Team Building Skills to Try in 2033

2023 is geared to be filled with challenging situations, especially the ongoing political crisis that has led to economic downturns. Building agility and resilience in the team is the key to surviving such a travesty. The new Team Building Exercises for Work that are highly in demand among people are:


• Purposeful Communication- It is not just about talking irrelevantly but about talking with a purpose. Communication is about interpersonal engagement. In 2023, we need to dust off our traditional skills of connecting with the person and understanding how to communicate with the purpose and reach a goal. Training in goal building through communication and developing relationships focusing on the objective is necessary to overcome barriers in the skill set.

• Spinning the Positive- It is time for everyone to overcome the pandemic problems and their impact on our lives. It is about spinning a positive and reducing the negative in our worldview. Training and development will prioritize how well a person can work under stressful situations and they can strive toward a positive outcome.

• Building Work Relationships- Team building skills not only relate to external communication methods but also within the workplace. Your ability to create work relationships is an advantage and skills to increase cooperation and sustain the development and productivity of the working environment.

• Leadership- One of the essential skills is you can act as a leader during a crisis. You should be able to take up the leadership role of your team so that you can establish a goal and collaborate with others. It requires you to make critical decisions during situations.


2023 is all about working in teams and collaborating to establish favorable outcomes. It is up to the managers to take up different new techniques that can impact the environment and help members make critical decisions during times of crisis.