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BYLD, in partnership with Eagle’s Flight, offers cost-effective, customizable, and globally renowned experiential learning programs. These programs combine immersive activities that mimic real-world challenges with a targeted debrief. It allows participants to learn by doing and not by just listening, reading, or watching. The programs help participants gain competence in areas such as leading teams or making quick decisions.

Some of the Major Problems that can be Solved with Team Building Games are as Follows:-

1. Increases Team Productivity:
The issue of effort versus productivity is addressed in Gold of the Desert Kings ™. Participants are put in situations with limited time and resources, and they must rely on their team to achieve their objectives. The pressures and anxiety felt in Gold of the Desert Kings are similar to those felt daily during a hectic work schedule. Participants must deal with deadlines, a perceived lack of resources, the perspectives of others, and the pressure to simply do something while attempting to achieve team objectives. This further enhances a better understanding of roles and responsibilities within the team, thus contributing to overall team efforts and productivity.


2. Boosts Personal Effectiveness: Council of the Marble Star ™ focuses on personal effectiveness issues. Participants accept responsibility for delivering high-quality results in the face of uncertainty, a lack of direction, competition, and a changing environment. While some teams are solely focused on results, others socialize and lose sight of the goal of achieving a productive outcome. The experience teaches that combining productivity skills with the ability to build and maintain relationships creates a competitive advantage that leads to success. Thus, it is important to know the underlying issues that stop you from achieving your goals maintaining healthy relations at the workplace, and then immediately mitigate the same for a better mindset to work efficiently.


3. Enhance Sales Acumen through Effective Communication: Rattlesnake Canyon™ focuses on increasing sales performance in a competitive market with a fast pace and short deadlines. Participants learn how to look beyond their immediate surroundings and commit their resources to the possibility of “what could be.” They also learn about the advantages of forming effective sales and distribution partnerships. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of both goods and services, as well as an appreciation for the value of intangible resources such as ideas, information, and trust.


4. Know Your Role for Overall Team Productivity: Promises, Promises!™ powerfully demonstrates the strong relationship between quality communication and quality results by forcing people to deal with the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams. To achieve their objectives and become a member of the United Nations, all teams must get the right resources to the right people according to their needs and deadlines. Participants leave Promises, Promises!™ with the understanding that everyone in an organization is both a supplier and a customer.


5. Strategic Planning and Implementation: Participants in Expedition Outback™ engage in a high-energy, high-impact learning experience designed to assist them in identifying, refining, analyzing, and implementing the various business opportunities presented to them. Individuals learn about the powerful relationship that exists between strategy, information, and execution, as well as the impact that each has on superior results.


6. Increase Profitability Through Effective Team Building and Execution: Enter the competitive world of Windjammer™, where you and your fellow purveyors of high-end sailing products compete for a competitive advantage in an extremely active marketplace. Your products are in high demand, but market fluctuations will reduce their value over time. In this highly animated learning experience, you must obtain raw materials from other teams, manufacture your specialized products, and sell them at the peak of market demand. However, the profit margin is not the ultimate measure of success in this nautical environment; true victory is a performance that exceeds expectations.


Negotiation, relationship-building, and effective team-building skills will be tested and honed to capitalize on every opportunity. Can you prosper while having the wind at your back?


Our Experiential learning can provide insights, motivation, and practical skills that would otherwise take days, weeks, or months to develop through traditional or “on-the-job” training. It’s entertaining, memorable, immersive, targeted, transformative, predictable, holistic, risk-free, self-perpetuating, proven, and effective.