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It’s not about what you say to people. It’s about what they understand.

How to Implement Effective Communication with the Council of the Marble Star?

As a result, it’s critical for us to communicate and transmit in such a way that the other person understands exactly what we’re saying. That’s what’s referred to as successful communication. We have the greatest approach to teach you that at Eagle’s Flight India, and it’s through a game. It is, after all, a game. It’s known as the Marble Star Council.

Throughout the learning process, participants will face challenges in the form of deadlines, changing circumstances, and rivalry face-offs.
Participants will also learn to counter the problems with their own set of solutions and try team-building activities.

Assume you’re in the middle of a job interview. You’re scared and stressed about how you’ll deal with a challenging scenario. In your thoughts, you’re ringing out replies to generic inquiries.

Is Council of the Marble Star Only Fun?

Someone said it right, “When the learning becomes fun, the fun becomes learning.”
This activity will cheer you and your team up to try and build long-lasting relationships with the help of effective communication.

While we love to have a good time, we also understand that your event must be memorable. Here are just a handful of the things that attendees of the Council of the Marble Star will feel confident in their ability to execute after attending the workshop:

• Negotiate and cultivate long-term partnerships that yield outcomes.

• Prioritize long-term performance and reputation’s market worth.

• Find out how other people’s opinions of you may affect your performance.

• Identify and eradicate personal flaws.

• Corporate culture and business should be in sync.

How does the Council of the Marble Star Develop Your Skills?

You’ll be a part of the search for Merlin’s notebook, which holds the key to Arthur’s glorious reign.

You will be able to take part in “The Challenge of Excellence” in the same way as Camelot’s knights did. By merging business and cultural skills, Merlin invited “Elders” to serve on the Council of the Marble StarTM.

Then, you’ll see how locals competed, bargained, negotiated, and collaborated to join King Arthur’s court as elite members.

After experiencing the challenges and rewards of true win-win bargaining, you’ll discover how to attain the best results through productive partnerships.

Team-building activities are one of the most effective methods to develop important life skills. Effective communication is one of these skills. Eagle’s Flight India’s Council of the Marble Star game is a great way to learn it.

We’ll show you how.

But first, answer the question in only Yes/No in your head.